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Erkin Bekbolotov

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I like jazz. This music makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. After working for a day I usually listen to jazz while resting at home. A jazz harmony always makes my tired gone!

I'm looking for information about the latest jazz on the internet once a week before deciding to buy a jazz album that I desire. And today I found "It Amazes Me", a solid jazz album with a mix of traditional and post bop. Well, it seems so nice.

The discovery of this news made me read the article more deeply. The album "It amazes me" by Bob Mover was produced by Erkin Bekbolotov. He is a music producer, businessman, and philanthropist. Wow, I think Erkin Bekbolotov is also a great man.


Angelina Kusuma

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Erkin, hi..

Hi Erkin, nice to meet u.

Sorry, my language English not good so I cannot talk more-more.. :-D


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