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From a little devil to a little pastor

January 2003

My name is Eric, male, 32 years old, Malaysian.

Work for a Banking software business company in Indonesia.

February 2003

I love children, can spend hours and hours with them. I don't like TV.

My hobby is working. I do not know other thing besides working.

March 2003

I don't like girls. Do not know why.

(So, you are a homo???)

April 2003

I have to go to Shanghai; I'll be a volunteer for SARS research.

(What???? How come a homo became a volunteer for SARS research????)

May 2003

Hello my little devil, can we meet? I have Chinese- French book for you.

June 2003

I am a social person, and do like any one does!!!!!, I am a sinner, aren't you?

July 2003

This is my boy friend, his name is Chong.

(What are you doing now? You said Olivier is your soul mate, Paul is your cute lover...)

August 2003

I have to fly to Penang for a month, there is something going on there. When will you take your leave so we can enjoy Langkawi? Just give me a call; I'll be your number 1 guide you'll ever have.

September 2003

Hi, happy b'day! Don't you tire adding your age each year? Add the number of people by your gene....

(So happy having you remembers my b'day, but it was so sad having these words)

Oct 2003

(Hi, what medicine you took today? You are so happy, full of smile; your boss gave you a triple salary?)

I won the bid! The company won their cases in court; you have to celebrate this with me.

(Sorry can not, just imagine that I was with you. Give my beer to the cutes girl in the party.)

Nov 2003

(Where the hell is he? No telephones, no e-mails, no mails, no smses. Well, no news is good news)

Dec 2003  

Hello my little devil how you are, long time no see. I'll be in your office at 5, so be prepare. Miss u so much my little devil.

Jan 2004

Cannot reach you on line, so...., I'm telling you my project this year will base in Colombo. I'll not be here until April. I promise to see you soon. Take care.

April 2004

(What??? 2nd. Range of Sri Lanka's government is your friend in bed now? Good God what had happened to you?)

(I told him about Jesus)

July 2004

Hi my little pastor how about I cook, you eat. We share our time in my place?

(We went to church together)

September 2004

Hi my little pastor. You will not believe what I have done.

(Now I want you to give your time, and we share our time in my place. "Why every body likes you. They adore you", though they do not know you.)

Dec 2004

I'm O k

Jan 2005

(I was so scared about you? Why were you gone back to Colombo? How could you do this to yourself?)

I am responsible of my worker, my office, my business.

(But it can bring you to the death!)

Nothing to worry about, my little pastor, I am ready in time He called me. Believes me!

(How can I believe a Homo like you?)

Ha ha ha ha, can you believe a hetero?

(Sorry do not mean anything)

March 2005

My doctor asked me to do lasik on my left eye.

(What? Are you in your good condition? Have you done medical check up? Did they found AIDS or STD's?)

No, nothing big, Just do a laser thing, I don't like wearing glasses, so it truly not a big deal.

May 2005

Let's left the church, if they are only for a bloc of people

(No, it's must be a mistake, don't go.... Please)

August 2005

Forget me, you are a member of a good community, where I am not belong to it .

Bye...bye, my little pastor.

Dec 2005

Joyeux noel my little pastor.

(I wish I was still your little devil.)

Jan 2006

I sent you news paper about me.

(Congratulation! keep your good work)

April 2006

I went to.....would you like to see some photos? Wish you were here

Dec 2006

Merry Christmas dear, Yes, I learn a lot, I will try to stay single.

Thank you.


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)

dennis santoso a.k.a nis's picture

romantika di amor

interesting ... romantic .... i wish i can have this kind of relationship with my girl ;-)