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              Christian holistic development means comprehensive planning for every aspects of life from a person as Christian. The aspects are: great academic capabilities, good physical performance and abilities, civilized and courteously social relationship and sacred spiritual relationship with God. All the aspects have to develop by a short and long term preparation trough the development program. The programs for development should provide by the church or Christian institution in all sector (education, mission, contextual, pastoral, leadership, theology, philosophy etc).
            Holistic Development is a ministries for God because of all the holistic program were based on the purpose of God when He created human and earth and also the universe. The purpose of God by creating human is to bring Syalom for all kind of creation. Syalom is a mission from God just for one purpose is to glorify His name over the universe. Syalom is not only the spiritual matter. Syalom is also the situation and condition of life among the creation, such as: health physicly and environment. Syalom means peace, prosperous, safe, etc. these meaning was indicate God’s providence to all creations (humans, animals, plants, planets, all the universe).
            There are three words for the holistic development. Those words are: Ecology, Economy, and Ecoumene. These words are from the root Eco, that means the place for living, family, environment. WHY? When the holistic development implemented, it will change all the aspects above. Ecologicly maintained, economicly comfy, and have a good relationship with others in the social community.
            The differences between Christian holistic development with the secular one is, the Christian holistic development were rely on the biblical perspective about spiritual relationship between the creation with the Creator. It mean to develop the WHOLE creation/person. The secular one disregard/ignore that important part of development.
One aspect of development (child, community, health, economic or spiritual) is to bring people to positions of self-reliance or self-sufficiency – looking to their own knowledge, strength, funds, or other resources to meet their own needs. Self-reliance is a fundamental concept that is talked about a good deal but which needs closer examination to understand and to achieve.
Self-reliance means there is a responsibility independence. In a process of self-reliance, everythings happened and get through, should be done with lots of responsibility. Why? Because, self-reliance are closed to the arogan, egoism, and individualism or underestimate attitude if its not been in accordance with the humble heart and Christlike focus.
The direction of development is always toward completeness. It is not enough to improve only one dimension of a person’s life and leave other dimensions in inadequacy. Holistic development should release people to exercise responsibility for themselves. Holistic development leads people to option. They can make choices. A range of opportunities opens up to them.
Facilitating development was oriented toward helping children and their families discover their own abilities and resources. Facilitation combines listening, questioning, provoking and challenging people (children and families) to reflect on their situation and discover internal or local resources to address that situation.
Facilitating development in particular, they build self-esteem, self-confidence in children, and the motivation and creativity that spring from new hope, and also build a relationship. Become a role model and helping to link people to needed resources is conclude in the essence of the facilitating development.
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The aspects are: great academic capabilities, good physical performance and abilities, civilized and courteously social relationship and sacred spiritual relationship with God


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